Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you Kimberly Jamison

Thank you for your kind referral of the Franke Wedding. Please enjoy the photos and send the link to your husband.

4th of July wedding at historic "Cedar Park" in Harwood, Md.

Frank and I started the night before shooting the amazing rehearsal dinner at the Calvert House in Annapolis, and we realized there that this was a group of people that were all about the party and good time. And boy were we right! We were treated on Saturday to a party like we haven't seen in awhile. Big shout out's to Sy Seyler of The Reagan Years, for the help with power and to Evie from The Main Ingredient for making the day run smooth. The bride Mimi and the groom Matthew had the most amazing families. The mix of Matthew's family from Texas and Mimi's from Maryland was a photographers dream! All Mimi's and Matthew's friends from their college years at Vanderbilt made for a great party. The Reagan Years kept the dance floor packed, if your looking for a great 80's tribute band hire these guy's, it's worth it! Frank and I were done at 10:30pm and the band still had one more set, that party was still going strong when we left. All in all a great day, awesome weather not too hot and no RAIN!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Perisan Aghd Wedding in Baltimore, Maryland

Like wedding is most cultures, Persian weddings are divided into a ceremony, called the"Aghd", and a reception, called the "Aroosi" The Aghd, which is the name for the ceremony of a Persian wedding, is a beautiful and joyful cultural event, not a religious event. As part of the ceremony, a "sofreh "(which means spread, in the sense of a table or food spread) is prepared for the bride and groom. The ceremony will include poetry readings and a discussion about the importance of the institution of marriage, along with discussion of the couple and their relationship together.

Here are some of the wedding photos taken.